lack of connection to authentic self/de-pression of life force causing energy stagnation.  Eventually energy physically solidifies and the body “balloons” similarly to how an actual balloon would grow when incoming air is not allowed to circulate through an exit channel.  When you are following your passion and authentically expressing yourself in life, the energy is allowed to ease-ily flow and the body remains vibrant and lean.  It can even do so with sub-optimal eating, moving, and sleeping habits.  Have you ever known someone who is in good health yet does not seem to be as strictly mindful of these habits as others who are less healthy?When your authentic expression is obstructed, your energy is obstructed.   And when your energy is not allowed to ease-ily flow, dis-ease is the natural result.  So, in conjunction with wise eating, moving, and sleeping habits, live true to your heart.  Follow your passion.  Give yourself permission to be yourself regardless of how others may perceive you.  After-all, what is more important, their approval or your health and fulfillment?