You are the hero of your own journey.  Your path is uniquely your own.  No one else can understand what you need for your growth.  


Trust in your own inner wisdom, even if your spouse, parents, or closest friends don’t understand.  Follow what feels right in your heart. You have likely heard this all of your life, but there is a good reason why. Inspiration from your heart comes in the form of intuition, a higher form of direction than your physical mind. It is the creative impulse that is more connected to your higher self, your soul, or the infinite intelligence of the divine within.


If you want to live with inspiration, vitality, positive synchronicity, and meaningful growth, then follow the inner guidance of your heart/intuition even if it sometimes takes you into the “lair of the dragon.” The fear that arises within you as you face different circumstances in life generally does not honor any real harm. It is usually sourced in suppressed emotions and beliefs that do not actually serve your authentic expression as an individual. Face them and transcend.

I hope you watch and enjoy the documentary below. It is a refreshing reminder.