Syntropy comes from the Greek word syntropos [syn meaning “together” and tropos meaning “tendency”], and it is defined as

the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life.

Entropy is it’s antithesis characterized by a system’s

tendency towards dissipation of energy, chaos, disorder and death.[1]


Both are a natural byproduct of the way that you engage with life; the orientation that you have about how life unfolds for you.  A person can either have an outside-in orientation [circumstances happen to me that have inherent meaning attached to them that make me feel a certain way] or an inside-out orientation [ circumstances occur that are devoid of meaning; I apply meaning to have an internal experience that I prefer].


To have a better life experience with an outside-in worldview, a person must control their circumstances or find better ones.  This orientation is the dominant one in society and leads to entropy as growth, evolution, and order is not reached through coercion and physical manipulation of circumstances.  This is also the reason why there appears to be much chaos and disorder within many parts of society.  Those who collectively agree to live with an outside-in orientation are experiencing the entropy that is the natural byproduct of their orientation.


This fact can be easily observed in nature too.  All of the ecosystems on our planet are wonderfully complex environments with great diversity of life that is self sustaining.  This sustenance is not overseen or regulated by physical beings such as the governing groups that we see dominating human societies.  It is ordered and sustained by a higher principle that is activated when all forms of life are free to BE who and what they are spontaneously, from freedom of individual expression.


Syntropy from the aforementioned spontaneous individual expression is the result of an inside-out worldview. From it, a person must control their beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions.  This is the only sustainable solution for individual, as well as collective, health and meaningful progress.


Please watch today’s video to learn more, and I hope your day is starting meaningfully and pleasantly.