Flexibility is hugely important for general fitness. Your muscle tissue, connective tissue, and joints are made for movement; it’s the reason they exist. So if you want to optimally maintain their health, use them in all ranges of motion that are natural for the human body.
A HUGE storehouse for stress and tension are your hips. The hip joint has the capacity for a phenomenal range of motion because of the unique type of joint it is, the ball and socket. It has greater capacity of movement than most of the joints in your body. However, most people’s connective and muscle tissue in the region are all wadded up and restricted.
Physical and emotional trauma is stored in our soft tissue very easily as tissue memory. So it’s amazing how much more peace of mind you will experience physically, mentally, and spiritually just by slowly opening things up in your hips.
What kind of stretching routine do you do and when do you stretch?