Where Science and Mysticism Meet

For millennia, spiritual traditions have shared that the physical world is really condensed spirit.   The entirety of existence is merely a thought or projection of the divine mind/God/source/Tao/Alah/Brahman/Absolute etc.  We, as a part of creation are also a projection of this mysterious creative source.  That is why it is said that we are created in gods image.


Well, modern understandings of science is actually in great harmony with this long-held wisdom.  It is already widely accepted that all matter is merely energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Said in another way, there are no real “parts” to begin with[1].   Trees, stars, cats, dogs, thoughts, and emotions are all simply words we use to identify distinct manifestations of the same phenomena.  As a modern scientist would say that they are physicalized manifestations of “the matrix” or “the field,”  a yogi will say that they are different manifestations of Brahman [the ineffable Absolute].  It is merely different language to explain the same concept.


Convincing evidence suggests that the universe is holographic in nature.  All information and potential is contained within each apparently distinct part; we merely experience the holographic reality as physicalized[2].  This is not a new theory however.  Along with the ancient Indians, the ancient Hermeticists taught, “The infinite Mind of The All is the womb of Universes.”


Your Worldly Self

The essence of your identity is in your beingness, in the infinite mind/matrix of all that is.  However, each individual obviously has a unique embodiment as well.  This is the mask you wear in the divine play the ancient Indian traditions call Lila [3] and is evident to our senses in the unique composition of our biology and psyche.  This is constructed of your consciousness, mind, personality, and body.  It is enlightening to know, the word person comes from the Latin word persona, or a “mask, false face,” such as those of wood or clay worn by the actors in later Roman theater [4].  In other words, the “you” that is recognized by most is simply the character that “you” are playing in this divine game/play called life.

Where To Go From Here

In our modern, materialistic world, the conversation of existence has become excessively physical in orientation.  Unfortunately, this divorcing from the worldview that the entire universe is alive and our perceptions shape our tangible as well as psychic experience has had quite a negative impact on industrialized societies.  Depression and suicide are rising epidemics among many other ailments uncommon to  ancient cultures.  Environmental degradation has also becoming unsustainable.  We are tearing apart our planet attempting to fill the spiritual void that our materialistic orientation has created.


It is time to bridge the gap between the academics and the mystics.  Their views are really two valid perspectives on the same whole that we call reality.  In accepting that the universe and all things within it have a spiritual essence does not necessitate that we must abandon the idea that there are also laws that regulate its functioning.


While continuing to honor our scientific understandings, a greater spiritual orientation will provide the necessary shift in perception that will naturally inspire greater harmony between humanity and the ecosystems we inhabit.  Our world communities would also likely experience unprecedented connectedness, cooperation, joy, and peace.


It must be stressed again, that this divine connection and knowingness is not something that words can express.  No amount of studying or intellectual understanding can replace divine experience.  For humanity to move in a more unified and peaceful direction, each individual must start on the quiet journey within in search of the real Self.