My Method

Just as a seed must follow the guidance of its genetic code, you too need a reliable map to ensure your journey through life is fruitful.


For most of human history, health was understood to be nurtured in mind, body, and spirit. The three were inextricable linked. The ancient Greeks use to train their physical bodies in the gymnasium just as vigorously as they did their minds, as they knew that both were complimentary of the other. We are going to detach your journey somewhat from the modern approach. We will use the dietary and exercise prescriptions as tools to help you reach your goals, but they are just tools.


Ultimately, you are developing strengthflexibilitystamina, and balance.   All the work we engage in and strategies we use will be directed at aiding you in embodying those qualities.  They will be nurtured in your body, mind, and spirit.  So as we progress, you will find that you are better equipped to withstand great stress. You will be able to better adapt when life throws you curve balls. You will learn how to endure longer through challenging times. You will also learn how to properly distribute the weight of your responsibilities to live with greater balance.


These qualities will transcend every area of your life.


Tree Blueprint

Oh, but we aren’t going to take the normal approach. We aren’t simply going to be working on diet and exercise.  No.  Your life isn’t simple, so our approach won’t be either.  After all,  if you want extraordinary results, you have to be and do things extra-ordinary.  We will look at your body composition, work on your body mechanics and fitness, and improve your diet, but your health is intimately tied to every other area of your life. If you have dysfunctional relationships, that dysfunction will impart itself in your body. If you are overworked at the office, that will have a huge impact on your metabolism. If you are chronically financially stressed, that can manifest in your body as illness, injury, and other ailments.


We are going to look at the entirety of your life and begin putting the pieces back together so that you have a solid foundation that will yield to sustainable and fulfilling results.   I will not mislead you into thinking that it is going to be easy or quick.  Was it easy or quick getting to where you are at currently in your career?  It will require you stretch the limits of your comfort zone and reach into the unknown. But please rest assured, it will not be torture either.  Our time together will be a continual dance of pushing your limits while also honoring them.


I know you have already read hundreds of articles and attempted a myriad of diets and exercise routines without the success you want and deserve.   I’m sure that you’ve realized by now that returning to health is a complex, dynamic process that demands support, commitment, and patience.  So, if you are finally ready to turn the corner and flourish again, please let me partner with you on your journey.

The Latest Technology

Our time together will be supplemented with the latest interactive e-learning and telecommunications software.  The online content will provide a gamified experience that will allow you to have some fun on your journey to an improved life.  And we will video conference each week with Zoom alongside weekly email support.
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