You use to be in great shape.  You had lots of energy, focus, and the enduring confidence that accompanies being young, healthy, and ambitious.  Remember those days?


But life seems to have gotten a little out of your control now.  You’ve achieved great success at work, and you are a proud parent.  You’ve been pretty blessed!


But despite being grateful for all that you’ve earned, you know things need to be done a little differently.  You’re just feeling too spread thin these days, and it’s taken a noticeable toll on your health.  For starters, that extra 20lb doesn’t have you feeling as confident as you once were.  You also have less energy and are afraid that it might impact work performance.  But that can’t happen because of the responsibility on your shoulders.  You NEED to be at the top of your game.  You have demands to meet, a team to lead, and clients to serve.


There is some justifiable weight behind your concern too.  Research shows that your perceived effectiveness in the workplace is largely influenced by your physical appearance [1].  You need to have the highest respect and trust from your team and clients.


Even more important, however, you know that you could be more present and vibrant with your wife and children.  With how much of yourself that you invest at the office, you aren’t left with much at the end of the day.  They deserve the awesome dad and husband that you know you are capable of being.  But they just aren’t getting him to his full capacity right now.

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How The Program Works

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Organize & Simplify

We will add structure to your life by categorizing the different areas of your health that require nurturing.  This will give you a profound sense of clarity.[/nz_box][nz_box icon=”icon-pen” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#0fbe7c”]

Clarify Your Intentions

We will explore where you are and where you are going; who you are and who you are becoming.  From this direction, you will create weekly behavioral goals to honor those intentions.  Having these clearly set will allow you to live more intentionally over the coming weeks, months, and years.[/nz_box][nz_box icon=”icon-stack” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#0fbe7c”]

Establish Support

Environmental forces play a pivotal role in your growth.  You will learn the best strategies for establishing a nurturing social, professional, cultural, and cognitive environment.[/nz_box][nz_box icon=”icon-stack” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#0fbe7c”]

From Plan To Action

We will create a personalized map to navigate together on your journey to better health and a better life.  This will include diet, exercise, accountability, and mindset rehabilitation.  Then we will take inspired action to bring it all to life![/nz_box][/nz_content_box]

Why It Works

An integrative approach is always the most sensible approach.  Our program consists of timeless wisdom reinforced by contemporary research to allow you to best thrive in mind, body, and spirit.

Balance of the Koi

What’s Included

How You Benefit

I’ll help you discover your unique vision of health as well as the most important components universal to all of us.

We are going to clear through the noise that saturates your world.  Do you really need more on your plate?  You will learn how to be most effective in the gym, kitchen, and everywhere else to catapult you to the results you deserve.

Because your effort will be more meaningfully invested, you will become more efficient as well.  This will ensure that you can invest more time in the activities and people you care for most.

At the end of the day, you want to know that you will experience results.  Please feel free to listen to the experiences of satisfied client-partners that I have had the honor of working with below.  Each one of their needs and subsequent journeys was unique.  To honor your unique circumstances, the journey that we embark on will be as well.  This is the reason we are able to create some fundamental shifts that yield sustainable change.

The physical results that you will see will honestly be the least of what you gain from our work together.  You will come out feeling strong, vibrant, and confident.  You will also begin to notice that the most rewarding changes taking place are in your spirit and in your mind.  You will live with greater clarity, peace, and purpose.

Client Experiences

Please take a look at the body composition changes that Will experienced while working together in the images below. We begun working together in May of 2017 and finished in December. He started at 191lb and 29% body fat. When we finished, he was weighing 185.5lb and 19.4% body fat. He lost weight while also gaining muscle.  But as you can hear in the above video testimonial, his body’s change wasn’t the only thing he gained.

Most importantly, he developed a renewed zest for life as well as a stronger capacity to engage with the inevitable challenges that will arise.

Now meet Adam.  He and I had lived in the same neighborhood for a few years, maintaining a friendly relationship as acquaintances.  More recently, however, we began working 1-on-1 to help take his health and life to the next level.


He has a history of fitness, so we weren’t starting from square one.  He just needed to be asked the right questions and given the space to do some meaningful self-examination to create the necessary motivation to prioritize himself again.  Once he regained his motivation, it took consistent accountability and a few unique approaches to fit healthier habits into his often unpredictable life as an independent working professional.

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