Are you concerned about your weight? Have you tried a myriad of different strategies for getting leaner? Well the true source of your dis-ease is not in your diet or your level of exercise. Those are hugely important components. It is a lot more challenging to live with great health and vitality without proper eating and activity. However, there is a deeper level to your challenge with weight.


It has to do with your level of expression in life. Are you feeling ex-pressed [meaning “pressed out”] or de-pressed [meaning “pressed down”].  As a depressed being, you are carrying around the excess “weight” of expectations and beliefs that are not an authentic expression of you.

Clicked the sourced link to read some very supportive evidence from an extensive long-term study of 37,000 children out of Canada that shows the effect of parenting style on childhood obesity[1]. The way that you were and children today are nurtured/socialized lays the foundation to this manifestation of dis-ease.


Succinctly put, an authoritarian way of relating to another sends them the message that “you are not inherently worthy of love and affection. You must comply with my standards and expectations to be. So if you want to be loved, do what I expect of you whether you like it or not.” This also has the consequence of teaching a child as they grow into an adult, “to continue being worthy of love and affection as I move through life and enter into new relationships, I must comply with further standards whether it is with friends, lovers, or colleagues.”  Since everyone has different standards and expectations, that road only leads to confusion, frustration, overwhelm, depression, and a deterioration of health.


Is there something calling you for work or other meaningful expression that you aren’t honoring and pursuing?  Are you allowing yourself to be natural and authentic in your relationships, or do they feel contrived?


To learn more about these concepts, please watch today’s video. I wish your day well.