Health Hierarchy Part 3: Emotional

Please enjoy part three of the four-part series of videos explaining the components of Health.  This video will explore how your emotional health serves as the compass that you navigate life with.


Please watch today’s video to learn more, and I hope you are making it a great day!


Further Exploration

You can navigate to the post covering the next dimension, Physical Health, here.


Click here to be directed to the emotional health page of the website for your further exploration of the topic.  And click the image link below to view the Health Hierarchy graphic to get a clearer picture of your needs for wellness.

Health Hierarchy Graphic

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How Fertile Is Your Soil?


Are you discouraged when looking at your body in the mirror? Or maybe you ignore your reflection as much as possible to avoid the those feelings of dissatisfaction.
If this is you, it’s probably time to reassess things. It’s time to take a fundamental look at where you are and finally make a change! And you can, you deserve a change. But it takes a choice, a committed choice.
Simply put:

If you do the work that most people aren’t willing to, you will get the results that most people aren’t able to.

And I’m not talking about the physical work in the gym or kitchen. You will need to do that, obviously, but that’s the simple part. The more complicated work comes from assessing the mental environment that acts as the springboard from which your physical health launches. It really is not about doing actually; it’s about being the right person.
The reason healthy people are healthy is because they THINK like healthy people. They have worldviews that nurture and support a healthy body.
Isn’t it time to take charge and make some real changes? Isn’t it time to look in the mirror and think, “I love the way I look and feel and it is priceless.”
I hope you enjoyed the post and video. Be well.

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Stay Young By Staying Supple

Flexibility is hugely important for general fitness. Your muscle tissue, connective tissue, and joints are made for movement; it’s the reason they exist. So if you want to optimally maintain their health, use them in all ranges of motion that are natural for the human body.
A HUGE storehouse for stress and tension are your hips. The hip joint has the capacity for a phenomenal range of motion because of the unique type of joint it is, the ball and socket. It has greater capacity of movement than most of the joints in your body. However, most people’s connective and muscle tissue in the region are all wadded up and restricted.
Physical and emotional trauma is stored in our soft tissue very easily as tissue memory. So it’s amazing how much more peace of mind you will experience physically, mentally, and spiritually just by slowly opening things up in your hips.
What kind of stretching routine do you do and when do you stretch?

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Formula For the Good Life

A truly exceptional life is what all of mankind is after. Aristotle called it Eudaimonia and it is attainable to all if you know the formula.

Unfortunately, it is not taught to children anymore so the societies of the world are stricken with physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual disease.

It is simple, but not always easy. It takes detaching from what is conventional. Afterall, if convention is yielding dis-ease, it would make sense to try the unconventional.

Do you know the formula for the Good life?

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