The Matrix

This is a glorious metaphor for the earthly journey we are on. How enlightening too!


Did you know that “matrix” literally meant “womb?” It stems from the root word “mater” meaning “mother.” And, as has been explored in the spiritual section of the website here, the reality that we experience has long been described as an energetic matrix that quantum physicists are empirically studying.  Now read the story accompanying the attached facebook post.


It suggests that, and our current understanding of reality supports, the physical world of “matter” we live in is a matrix/womb from which we are preparing to be delivered from to a greater reality once we are ready.


I hope your day was meaningful and your evening is treating you well!


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I love getting up at 5am, awakening with the day before the sunlight slowly creeps up from beyond the horizon. It allows me to set my intentions and mood for the day. It brings things into focus before jumping into an action. As many athletes will tell you: the separation is in the preparation. And I love the feeling of moving weight around with my body. It really is a spiritual discipline. It’s not about the lbs moved or muscle grown.


It’s about becoming a stronger and more powerful being.


I hope your day is progressing meaningfully…..and fun…kinda….watch a cat video between deadlifts.

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It’s the language of the Soul.


It’s so easy to take things for granted and lose sight of the things that matter most in a distracted world. So it’s always helpful deliberately taking time out to be grateful.


I feel blessed to live in a beautiful neighborhood, to be doing work that scares me often but it’s so gratifying, and to have a number of great people in my life to learn from. Though sometimes it’s easy for me to overlook, God has blessed me.


What are you thankful for?

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Health Hierarchy Part 1: Spiritual

Please enjoy part one of a four-part series of videos explaining the components of Health.  This video will explore the spiritual foundation to who you are and how honoring your core is essential to your health.


Are you expressed or depressed? Are you living your unique vision of life?

Please watch today’s video to learn more, and I hope you are making it a great day!


Further Exploration

You can navigate to the next post covering the next dimension, Intellectual Health, here.

Click here to be directed to the spiritual health page of the website for your further exploration of the topic.  And click the image link below to view the Health Hierarchy graphic to get a clearer picture of your needs for wellness.

Health Hierarchy Graphic

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Syntropy And Entropy

Syntropy comes from the Greek word syntropos [syn meaning “together” and tropos meaning “tendency”], and it is defined as

the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life.

Entropy is it’s antithesis characterized by a system’s

tendency towards dissipation of energy, chaos, disorder and death.[1]


Both are a natural byproduct of the way that you engage with life; the orientation that you have about how life unfolds for you.  A person can either have an outside-in orientation [circumstances happen to me that have inherent meaning attached to them that make me feel a certain way] or an inside-out orientation [ circumstances occur that are devoid of meaning; I apply meaning to have an internal experience that I prefer].


To have a better life experience with an outside-in worldview, a person must control their circumstances or find better ones.  This orientation is the dominant one in society and leads to entropy as growth, evolution, and order is not reached through coercion and physical manipulation of circumstances.  This is also the reason why there appears to be much chaos and disorder within many parts of society.  Those who collectively agree to live with an outside-in orientation are experiencing the entropy that is the natural byproduct of their orientation.


This fact can be easily observed in nature too.  All of the ecosystems on our planet are wonderfully complex environments with great diversity of life that is self sustaining.  This sustenance is not overseen or regulated by physical beings such as the governing groups that we see dominating human societies.  It is ordered and sustained by a higher principle that is activated when all forms of life are free to BE who and what they are spontaneously, from freedom of individual expression.


Syntropy from the aforementioned spontaneous individual expression is the result of an inside-out worldview. From it, a person must control their beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions.  This is the only sustainable solution for individual, as well as collective, health and meaningful progress.


Please watch today’s video to learn more, and I hope your day is starting meaningfully and pleasantly.

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Health Is A State Of Being NOT A Collection Of Behaviors

There is a reason that health is synonymous with well-being. As I mention in the video, I will go into greater depth on this subject in some videos/presentations I am developing at present.


The basis of your well-being and the natural progression, however, is: authentic self expression, a worldview/beliefs that is in harmony with your authentic self expression, activity that honors your bodies form and function, food that honors the needs and capacity of your human digestive tract [natural, whole foods & water], and adequate rest.

Please watch today’s video to learn more, and I hope your day is starting meaningfully and pleasantly.

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Concerning Weight: How Expressed Are You?

Are you concerned about your weight? Have you tried a myriad of different strategies for getting leaner? Well the true source of your dis-ease is not in your diet or your level of exercise. Those are hugely important components. It is a lot more challenging to live with great health and vitality without proper eating and activity. However, there is a deeper level to your challenge with weight.


It has to do with your level of expression in life. Are you feeling ex-pressed [meaning “pressed out”] or de-pressed [meaning “pressed down”].  As a depressed being, you are carrying around the excess “weight” of expectations and beliefs that are not an authentic expression of you.

Clicked the sourced link to read some very supportive evidence from an extensive long-term study of 37,000 children out of Canada that shows the effect of parenting style on childhood obesity[1]. The way that you were and children today are nurtured/socialized lays the foundation to this manifestation of dis-ease.


Succinctly put, an authoritarian way of relating to another sends them the message that “you are not inherently worthy of love and affection. You must comply with my standards and expectations to be. So if you want to be loved, do what I expect of you whether you like it or not.” This also has the consequence of teaching a child as they grow into an adult, “to continue being worthy of love and affection as I move through life and enter into new relationships, I must comply with further standards whether it is with friends, lovers, or colleagues.”  Since everyone has different standards and expectations, that road only leads to confusion, frustration, overwhelm, depression, and a deterioration of health.


Is there something calling you for work or other meaningful expression that you aren’t honoring and pursuing?  Are you allowing yourself to be natural and authentic in your relationships, or do they feel contrived?


To learn more about these concepts, please watch today’s video. I wish your day well.

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The Hero’s Journey, Your Journey

You are the hero of your own journey.  Your path is uniquely your own.  No one else can understand what you need for your growth.  


Trust in your own inner wisdom, even if your spouse, parents, or closest friends don’t understand.  Follow what feels right in your heart. You have likely heard this all of your life, but there is a good reason why. Inspiration from your heart comes in the form of intuition, a higher form of direction than your physical mind. It is the creative impulse that is more connected to your higher self, your soul, or the infinite intelligence of the divine within.


If you want to live with inspiration, vitality, positive synchronicity, and meaningful growth, then follow the inner guidance of your heart/intuition even if it sometimes takes you into the “lair of the dragon.” The fear that arises within you as you face different circumstances in life generally does not honor any real harm. It is usually sourced in suppressed emotions and beliefs that do not actually serve your authentic expression as an individual. Face them and transcend.

I hope you watch and enjoy the documentary below. It is a refreshing reminder.

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