Health Hierarchy Part 2: Intellectual

Please enjoy part two of the four-part series of videos explaining the components of Health.  This video will explore how your spiritual essence is channelled through the “prism” of your mental structures [your beliefs & thoughts]. It also explores how to build a worldview that is in more alignment with your unique vision of self expression rather than a conglomeration of often contradictory beliefs inherited from your social environment as a child.


Please watch today’s video to learn more, and I hope you are making it a great day!


Further Exploration

You can navigate to the post covering the next dimension, Emotional Health, here.


Click here to be directed to the intellectual health page of the website for your further exploration of the topic.  And click the image link below to view the Health Hierarchy graphic to get a clearer picture of your needs for wellness.

Health Hierarchy Graphic

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Self-Control Is A Misnomer

Have you ever started strong on a healthy resolution just to return to old ways? Do you struggle with “self-control?”  Please watch the video below to understand why and what the real solution is.


I hope you made today wonderful.


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