Health Is A State Of Being NOT A Collection Of Behaviors

There is a reason that health is synonymous with well-being. As I mention in the video, I will go into greater depth on this subject in some videos/presentations I am developing at present.


The basis of your well-being and the natural progression, however, is: authentic self expression, a worldview/beliefs that is in harmony with your authentic self expression, activity that honors your bodies form and function, food that honors the needs and capacity of your human digestive tract [natural, whole foods & water], and adequate rest.

Please watch today’s video to learn more, and I hope your day is starting meaningfully and pleasantly.

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Concerning Weight: How Expressed Are You?

Are you concerned about your weight? Have you tried a myriad of different strategies for getting leaner? Well the true source of your dis-ease is not in your diet or your level of exercise. Those are hugely important components. It is a lot more challenging to live with great health and vitality without proper eating and activity. However, there is a deeper level to your challenge with weight.


It has to do with your level of expression in life. Are you feeling ex-pressed [meaning “pressed out”] or de-pressed [meaning “pressed down”].  As a depressed being, you are carrying around the excess “weight” of expectations and beliefs that are not an authentic expression of you.

Clicked the sourced link to read some very supportive evidence from an extensive long-term study of 37,000 children out of Canada that shows the effect of parenting style on childhood obesity[1]. The way that you were and children today are nurtured/socialized lays the foundation to this manifestation of dis-ease.


Succinctly put, an authoritarian way of relating to another sends them the message that “you are not inherently worthy of love and affection. You must comply with my standards and expectations to be. So if you want to be loved, do what I expect of you whether you like it or not.” This also has the consequence of teaching a child as they grow into an adult, “to continue being worthy of love and affection as I move through life and enter into new relationships, I must comply with further standards whether it is with friends, lovers, or colleagues.”  Since everyone has different standards and expectations, that road only leads to confusion, frustration, overwhelm, depression, and a deterioration of health.


Is there something calling you for work or other meaningful expression that you aren’t honoring and pursuing?  Are you allowing yourself to be natural and authentic in your relationships, or do they feel contrived?


To learn more about these concepts, please watch today’s video. I wish your day well.

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Self-Control Is A Misnomer

Have you ever started strong on a healthy resolution just to return to old ways? Do you struggle with “self-control?”  Please watch the video below to understand why and what the real solution is.


I hope you made today wonderful.


To further explore Tony Robbins’ 6 basic needs, please click here.

To further explore Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, please click here.

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The Hero’s Journey, Your Journey

You are the hero of your own journey.  Your path is uniquely your own.  No one else can understand what you need for your growth.  


Trust in your own inner wisdom, even if your spouse, parents, or closest friends don’t understand.  Follow what feels right in your heart. You have likely heard this all of your life, but there is a good reason why. Inspiration from your heart comes in the form of intuition, a higher form of direction than your physical mind. It is the creative impulse that is more connected to your higher self, your soul, or the infinite intelligence of the divine within.


If you want to live with inspiration, vitality, positive synchronicity, and meaningful growth, then follow the inner guidance of your heart/intuition even if it sometimes takes you into the “lair of the dragon.” The fear that arises within you as you face different circumstances in life generally does not honor any real harm. It is usually sourced in suppressed emotions and beliefs that do not actually serve your authentic expression as an individual. Face them and transcend.

I hope you watch and enjoy the documentary below. It is a refreshing reminder.

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Get Angry

Get fucking angry if you need to!


Honor the gift of rage. It is an empowering state of being when you are in the depths of apathy and depression. Use it as a tool to guide you to higher and higher states of being.


I hope your day is going well and is inspiring you to live like the authentic you.  Please watch today’s video for a deeper exploration on the topic of anger and rage. If you are interested in learning even more about the gift of your emotional compass, please visit the Emotional Health page here.


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Going Into The Shadow

Please please please do this inner work. It is really the best investment you can make in yourself.


If you want to know a little more intimately what processes I’ve used and the specific issues that I have been going through, feel free to send me a message. I want to share what I have learned/gained through my own inner exploration.


Also, below is a link to Jung’s concept of shadow work if you are unfamiliar. You can also view this websites Emotional Health page here.


I hope your day is going very well and it is providing opportunities to grow. Be well.


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How Fertile Is Your Soil?


Are you discouraged when looking at your body in the mirror? Or maybe you ignore your reflection as much as possible to avoid the those feelings of dissatisfaction.
If this is you, it’s probably time to reassess things. It’s time to take a fundamental look at where you are and finally make a change! And you can, you deserve a change. But it takes a choice, a committed choice.
Simply put:

If you do the work that most people aren’t willing to, you will get the results that most people aren’t able to.

And I’m not talking about the physical work in the gym or kitchen. You will need to do that, obviously, but that’s the simple part. The more complicated work comes from assessing the mental environment that acts as the springboard from which your physical health launches. It really is not about doing actually; it’s about being the right person.
The reason healthy people are healthy is because they THINK like healthy people. They have worldviews that nurture and support a healthy body.
Isn’t it time to take charge and make some real changes? Isn’t it time to look in the mirror and think, “I love the way I look and feel and it is priceless.”
I hope you enjoyed the post and video. Be well.

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Stay Young By Staying Supple

Flexibility is hugely important for general fitness. Your muscle tissue, connective tissue, and joints are made for movement; it’s the reason they exist. So if you want to optimally maintain their health, use them in all ranges of motion that are natural for the human body.
A HUGE storehouse for stress and tension are your hips. The hip joint has the capacity for a phenomenal range of motion because of the unique type of joint it is, the ball and socket. It has greater capacity of movement than most of the joints in your body. However, most people’s connective and muscle tissue in the region are all wadded up and restricted.
Physical and emotional trauma is stored in our soft tissue very easily as tissue memory. So it’s amazing how much more peace of mind you will experience physically, mentally, and spiritually just by slowly opening things up in your hips.
What kind of stretching routine do you do and when do you stretch?

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Formula For the Good Life

A truly exceptional life is what all of mankind is after. Aristotle called it Eudaimonia and it is attainable to all if you know the formula.

Unfortunately, it is not taught to children anymore so the societies of the world are stricken with physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual disease.

It is simple, but not always easy. It takes detaching from what is conventional. Afterall, if convention is yielding dis-ease, it would make sense to try the unconventional.

Do you know the formula for the Good life?

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